Digital marketing

So what do we term as digital marketing?

We class digital marketing as the promotion of products or services via differing forms of electronic and social media. Typically in real time, this enables a business to analyse the best and most efficient campaigns to understand which is successful and why.

Orb offer help and advise as to which route to adopt, either print, digital, or both. Furthermore we help if this should be staggered or run together as a digital and campaign. We will then monitor which product is viewed the most online, and can see which medium works best through your sales conversion. Digital Marketing provides a real time snap shot into how a campaign is working

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Why digital marketing is important to run along side print marketing

Digital media allows consumers to see your products or service offerings any time and any place they desire. Using social media marketing, your potential and current customers are exposed to your company in real time, and also offer valuable insights to what your customers, your friends and relatives, are saying as well. Furthermore potential clients and customers trust great reviews. And all clients want products and services they can trust.

It is important to reach out to new and existing clients. Using both inexpensive digital means, but also through the printed medium. Large companies use both because they get more ROI by using both. If not they would not utilise both digital and print simultaneously. In our experience digital captures their imagination for a split second. Print backs it up and embeds the product or service in their mind meaning increased chance of purchase. Print lasts longer that a deleted email or once visited web page.

Three marks of digital marketing success

  1. Manage digital and print marketing across a variety of channels
  2. Monitor and adapt to real time customer data
  3. Use failed campaigns to improve future campaigns

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