Marketing design

Graphic design

Graphic design, the skill of producing ideas with visual and textual content. Design communication will include images, text, or created graphics and can form a single logo to a signage system for use in national retail chains. From a company’s personnel digital avatar for use on it’s website, to the content of an internal newspaper advertisement.

All designers at heart

The earliest cave men who decorated cave walls. Monks who wrote the first books, to the typesetters of the early 20th century. Finally here today, where modern computer software can produce graphics for an almost endless list. We all have a opinion. Because whether we know it or not, we are all designers at heart.


Branding is a very significant form of graphic design. Often referring to each element of a companies printed and digital collateral. Because each piece shares the same message through it’s logo or colour or avatar, all making part of a larger system. Moreover this relationship between all of those separate parts, is where a great graphic designer brings true value.

Typeface design

You probably have no feelings towards typeface design. This is until you see a typeface you either like or dislike. Fonts are very personal. Because it affects each person in a different way. While the form of a single letter has meaning, a typeface, like a brand, is also composed in it’s relationship between its character set, that needs to work together to create a very clever and personable meaning.

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