Hi there

Hi there! Glad you made it here

Hi, so glad you have decided to see what makes us Orb Design and Print.

So a little history.

Orb have been designing and printing since 2012. From our beginnings as a print brokerage company to purchasing our first large format machine 3 years ago. But we’ve most of all tried to stay true to our core beliefs. We stand for honesty, integrity, quality and to deliver an exceptional service to our customers.

We are here for you

Yes, thats right. Because we have a working knowledge of most printing techniques, we can often advise and the very best way to produce your print job. If we cannot do it in-house our highly specialised and technical roster of suppliers will be able to help us help you. But do not think that this will work out to cost you more. Actually because we have great trade relationships, and also pass these companies regular work, it means we can pass on the savings to you.

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