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Print may seem too expensive or too complicated in todays world of ‘free’ digital communications. As a small business ourselves we understand that every penny counts and the ROI on any printed collateral needs to measured. Orb have invested in advanced printing technology and offer honest value on any print job. Often advise and consultation are invaluable when deciding whether to approach new or your existing customers with the services you provide through the printed medium.

Orb provide affordable, reliable and honest visual communication services, to small, medium, and large organisations. The service provided at Orb can help your business for a more faster and effective ROI:

All of your printing bases covered

Thats right. If we can’t do it, we manage the job for you. This is a common practice that nearly all companies in our industry do, we are just honest enough tell you. However this does not mean that prices will be expensive. To the contrary, the more we outsource the better prices we can negotiate. Our in-house tech is state of the art, for example we can print white, and also digital die cut any design you may want. We can personalise small run mailings, or letters. We can design a social media campaign and run this along side printing the graphics for an exhibition you are running. Just ask we will be able to accommodate, if not we will advise on the best route to take.

Design – why is it so important?

Helping our customers better communicate with their own suppliers and customers, through the use of printed resources, and digital communication is at the core of our business. In addition to increasing their brand awareness, great design relays trust, and integrity. All great hallmarks of a solid business.

Based in Kirkby-in-Ashfield near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we serve the local area. We also are able to service our national customer base from this location.


Marketing design

Graphic design

Graphic design, the skill of producing ideas with visual and textual content. Design communication will include images, text, or created graphics and can form a single logo to a signage system for use in national retail chains. From a company’s personnel digital avatar for use on it’s website, to the content of an internal newspaper advertisement.

All designers at heart

The earliest cave men who decorated cave walls. Monks who wrote the first books, to the typesetters of the early 20th century. Finally here today, where modern computer software can produce graphics for an almost endless list. We all have a opinion. Because whether we know it or not, we are all designers at heart.


Branding is a very significant form of graphic design. Often referring to each element of a companies printed and digital collateral. Because each piece shares the same message through it’s logo or colour or avatar, all making part of a larger system. Moreover this relationship between all of those separate parts, is where a great graphic designer brings true value.

Typeface design

You probably have no feelings towards typeface design. This is until you see a typeface you either like or dislike. Fonts are very personal. Because it affects each person in a different way. While the form of a single letter has meaning, a typeface, like a brand, is also composed in it’s relationship between its character set, that needs to work together to create a very clever and personable meaning.

Our print base is in Mansfield, and serves Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

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Our Print Services

Our Printing Services

Our printing services include large format print. We utilise Versa-Camm RIP software, for use with our highly technical Roland printer. This software supports PDF/PostScript processing and natively handles PDF (Portable Document Format) , EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and PS (PostScript) files. The software also includes a predictive ink calculator which helps estimate the amount of ink required for each job. Thus allowing us the ability to give very accurate print quotes. Versa Works also includes spot color replacement, and has built-in PANTONE® libraries, allowing us to achieve near perfect colour matches.

See more about our machinery in the large format section.

Small format digital print

As well as our large format machinery, we also utilise an office based Xerox production machineIt can print 1200 x 2400 dpi (dots per inch), and produce photo- quality colour images and rich, crisp text. The machine employs advanced print heads with (DIRCT), Digital Image Registration Control Technology, which ensures consistently outstanding image registration.

We can print on a variety of material as large as SRA3 and on paper weights up to 350 gsm. We can also take advantage of impressive finishing capabilities from saddle-stitch booklets to folded brochures.

The Xerox is a perfect partner for printing small volume, leaflets, flyers, business cards, invitations, stickers, NCR pads and sets, reports, postcards,  booklets, and forms. Want photocopying? Our Xerox can even scan at 1200 x 1200 dpi, either print out or produce a paginated pdf file to send via email.

Furthermore, we use ‘pagepak’ technology, so pricing has never been so easy. Each copy has a specific cost, therefore the more you have the more you pay. We can even personalise each sheet, with a number or name, barcode or picture. The choice is yours!

Based near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we serve the local area.

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Promotional products

Give away items, products, and gifts, which are branded or tagged with a logo are often referred to as promotional merchandise, and are given away to promote a company. Either printed or embossed with a companies logo, or advertising message.

Orb can source and produce pens, calendars, mugs, t-shirts or some other give away item that you may require. Because you can give a potential client more than just a business card.

Do not overlook these items as they are excellent ways in helping  businesses develop their marketing campaigns. Orb understand the impact promotions have in reaching a specific target audience. Promotional give ways. One of the most important and respected parts of the integrated marketing communications mix.

Orb can print your expo graphics, supply you with your print collateral, and give aways. In conclusion we can supply you with with every element to make every trade show a success.

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Easy contact. Why we choose our office location.

First of all we considered not only our immediate needs, but also growth and other factors that could change our space requirements over the course of our lease. Office 1 at Ada Lovelace House not only suits our current needs but will help us grow over the coming years. Furthermore we are situated in a brand new renovated office environment. Also highly visible from the very busy main road which runs through the centre of Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

Our key employees live close by saving them a long, expensive commute. The office is easily accessible to clients, with easy car parking. Even in the age of video conferencing, it’s important that face-to-face meetings be manageable.

In addition the Ada Lovelace building, is wheelchair friendly, has ramps to all entrances, and has wide door openings. Furthermore the common areas like kitchens and bathrooms, are all shared with other tenants of Ada Lovelace House.

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